United India Insurance Company Policies & Plans

United India Insurance has been the forefront in the formation of complete covers for large-scale clients, such as GMR-Hyderabad International Airport Ltd, ONGC Ltd, Mumbai International Airport Ltd, etc.

Since inception on February 18, 1938, United India Insurance Company Ltd has been offering a huge range of insurance policies to meet the needs of individuals’ insurance in various social segments. After nationalization of general insurance, 4 cooperative insurance societies, 12 Insurance companies, and operations of 5 foreign insurance providers, general insurance operations have been managed and operations of LIC’s southern region were merged with United India Insurance Company. After nationalization, United India Insurance has recorded huge sales both in terms of expansion and revenue.  Currently, it has up to 18,300 employees, stretching over 1340 offices, and offering insurance policies to over 1 Cr. policyholders. United India Insurance Company is, probably, the only company which has infused huge diversification in its portfolio. Currently, the company is offering different types of insurance policies to cover the products from floriculture, biogas to satellites.

The United India Insurance Company also played a vital role in promoting insurance products in rural areas. It has played a vital role in offering insurance to the villages by implementing Vijaya Raji Janani Kalyan Yojana (to cover over 45 Lakh women in MP), Universal Health Insurance Programme of Central Government, National Livestock Insurance, and Tsunami Jan Bima Yojana (across 4 states to cover 4.59 Lakh families).

About Company

United India Insurance Company is a Central Government-owned general insurance company. Incorporated in February 18, 1938, United India Insurance was nationalized in 1972.  It was once a subsidiary of General Insurance Corporation of India (GIC). When GIC turned a re-insurance company, according to IRDA Act 1999, its 4 leading insurance arms got autonomy – United India Insurance, New India Insurance, National Insurance and Oriental Insurance.

United India Insurance Company Limited has been merged to four co-operative insurance societies, 12 Indian insurance companies, 5 foreign insurers with operations in India, and general insurance operations in the south of Life Insurance Corporation in India to form a company.

After the growth of Nationalization United India by leaps and bounds and with 18300 workforces spread over 1340 officers offering cover to over 10 million policyholders, the company has different types of insurance products to offer the cover from bullock carts to satellites.

United India Insurance Chennai has been the forerunner in designing and implementing the complex insurance covers to a large number of customers, like in cases of GMR-Hyderabad International Airport, ONGC Limited, Tirumala-Tirupati Devasthanam, and Mumbai International Airport etc. The company has also been the leader in providing its insurance products to rural villages with large-scale implementation of Vijaya Raji Janani Kalyan Yojana (to cover 4.5 million women in Madhya Pradesh), Universal Health Insurance Programme of Government of India, National Livestock Insurance, and Tsunami Jan Bima Yojana (in 4 states to cover 459,000 families).

The company has pan India presence in over 200 Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities and villages with Micro Offices. The company has got over Rs. 15000 Cr. of Gross Domestic Premium for FY 2016-17.


United India Insurance is all set to be –

  • Trusted by all stakeholders
  • 1 choice in India with global recognition and footprint
  • Provider of huge range of innovative products to cater to the needs of all buyer segments.
  • Best customer service provider to leverage technology and other channels
  • Known for its contribution to the society
  • Best place to work with highly empowered and motivated employees

Corporate Mission

  • To satisfy all customers
  • To provide protection for all
  • To work with sound business ethics
  • To help reduce national wastage and to develop Indian economy


United India Insurance Co Ltd is committed, pledged, dedicated, and vowed to –

  • Act courteously, fairly and reasonably on dealing with customers
  • To ensure clarity in claim handling processes and policy documents and to provide complete details about services and products
  • To resolve customer’s conflicts ASAP with designated Customer Care officials in every branch
  • To cater to all the needs of general insurance which provides new covers to the citizens and which is commercially viable.
  • To endow weaker and rural sections of the society with customized policies at affordable prices
  • To build professional workforce consistently to execute their roles assigned
  • To consult with shareholders regularly and to build mechanism for constant monitoring for consistent delivery of services to all the customers.

Distribution Network

United India Insurance Company Limited has witnessed tremendous growth and has workforce of over 18300 employees and it operates in India with 1340 offices. It is currently supported by around 1 Cr. policyholders and it has products offering insurance cover to individuals and small farmers along with large-scale corporations, such as GMR-Hyderabad International airport, ONGC Limited, and Mumbai International Airport.


  • Two Finnoviti Awards for recognition of its two financial services innovations in Finnoviti 2012 Awards ceremony by Glocal Infomart Pvt. Ltd and other banking frontiers.
  • Indian Insurance Awards 2014 for third time
  • Bancassurance Market Leader – Underserved Market Penetration & General Insurance
  • Corporate Calendar won the “Make in India” theme and awarded first position in PRSI-Make In India Award – Best Innovation for Make In India against all competitors from different parts of the nation
  • ASSOCHAM Awards for “Corporate Governance Excellence”
  • SKOCH Financial Inclusion & Deepening Awards 2015 – Consumer Education with website and Order of Merit.
  • Official Language Implementation Committee, Chennai – Ranked 1st in Public sector for progressive use of language
  • HRM Congress (Asia Pacific) 2015 Awards
    • Most Influential HR Professionals for GM – HR in Asia
    • CEO with HR orientation
  • International Association of Lions Club awarded it with Lions CSR Award

United India Health Insurance Company – Best Plans

Health Plans

United India Health Insurance ensures peace of mind for the family of the insured against inadequacies and financial losses because of sudden hospitalization and ill health. They have a lot of plans for health insurance to meet the needs of the family, individuals, and senior citizens.

Family Medicare – This policy provides coverage to all the family members under one sum assured. The family may consist of the insured for coverage, along with dependent and spouse. The age of proposer should be from 18 to 80 years.

Family Medicare 2014 – United India Health Insurance Policy – It provides coverage to all the family members under one sum assured. For coverage, the family includes the spouse, insured, and dependent children.

United India Health Insurance – Gold – In Gold Policy, the sum insured is from Rs. 1 Lakh to Rs. 5 Lakh. The policy provides coverage of hospitalization expenses born in India for treatment of diseases, illness, and injury sustained by the insured during the period. It also provides coverage of certain processes of daycare.

Individual Mediclaim Plan – The plan protects the insurer against any illness contracted or illnesses or injuries suffered during the period of policy which needs surgical/medical treatment or hospitalization. This type of insurance makes payment through TPA to the nursing home/hospital or the person insured. The amount of these expenses should not exceed the sum insured in only one period.

Health Insurance – Premium – The sum insured is from Rs. 1 Lakh to Rs. 10 Lakh in multiples of 50000. It covers all hospitalization bills in India for treatment of diseases, illnesses, or injury contracted or sustained during the period. It covers the care procedures of a certain day.

Senior Citizen Policy – This policy is designed especially for seniors from 61 to 80 years old. An insured citizen above 80 will also be covered under this plan and the policy will be renewed without break. Sum insured is from Rs. 1 Lakh to Rs. 3 Lakh. The policy covers hospitalization expenses, at-home treatment taken on doctor’s recommendations, and day care treatment which don’t involve overnight hospitalization. It has co-payment clause in which insured person need to bear 20% of claim amount which is admissible. It includes tax benefit as per section 80D of Income Tax Act.

Top Up Medicare Policy – The policy covers hospital bills incurred in the country for any covered hospitalization during the period which exceeds the level or any amount reimbursable or reimbursed in any policy or reimbursement scheme, whatever is higher, up to sum insured mention in policy. The policy is offered on both floater and individual basis.

Super Top Up Medicare – The policy is offered both on floater and individual basis. Several options are now available with threshold levels and different sum insured.

Workmen Medicare Policy – It covers hospitalization which is born in case of accident of the workmen, in the course or during employment.

UNI Criticare Health Plan – The policy provides various options of sum insured, i.e. Rs. 1, 3, 5, and 10 Lakhs. It has 90 days of waiting period from the date of starting policy and 30 days of survival period from diagnosis.

United India Car Insurance Plans

From United India Insurance Company, the car insurance plans provide various lucrative benefits to the buyer. It is recommended to compare plans from different companies before you make a final decision. Get the best deal while saving money –

  • United India Private Car Package Policy – It is a complete policy which provides protection against loss of the car due to damages. It provides personal accident coverage to the driver or owner and to the occupants and against the responsibility of any third party. It also provides protection against natural and manmade events.
  • United India 2Wheeler Package Policy – It is a complete policy which provides coverage against third-party liability, damage to your vehicle, and personal accident coverage. Insurer is indemnified against damage or loss to the insured vehicle. The policy protects scooters, auto cycles, motorcycles and other motorized two wheelers.

United India Travel Insurance Plans

United India Insurance Bangalore offers travel insurance on your business trips, holidays, or visits to your loved ones living abroad.

  • OMP for Studies and Employment – The policy provides coverage of expenses born for medical treatment for diseases insured or accident sustained in foreign trips for higher studies or employment. The age limit for insurance is from 5 to 60 years.
  • OMP for Holiday & Business – It provides coverage to expenses born on medical treatment for disease/accident sustained in foreign trips on holiday or business. It also covers loss of passport and other important paperwork.
  • OMP for Corporate Frequent Traveler – The policy provides coverage incurred for medical treatment for disease/accident in foreign trips by corporate travelers.
  • United India Suhana Safar policy – It provides coverage of the risk of loss of luggage and personal accident of the insured, dependent children, and spouse. The loss occurred during the outstation travel in India from the declared departure is included along with the place of sojourn.
  • United India Baggage Policy – The Baggage policy provides coverage to all types of luggage, such as trunks, suitcases etc. on a journey. It provides coverage against damage or loss to the personal baggage because of riot, fire, strike, theft, terrorist activity, or accident during the journey. United India Baggage Policy also provides coverage on any stoppage en route in India.
  • United India Marga Bandhu Policy – It provides coverage to the group of people on the educational trip, study tour, or pilgrimage. United India Marga Bandhu Policy cover can be offered by tour operators, educational institutions, travel agents, associations, clubs, etc. who arrange a picnic, tours, yatra etc. for people going on tour.

United India House Insurance Policies

These types of plans cover the loss of the belongings and/or structure in your house.

United India House Holder Policy – It provides coverage of the damage or loss to the building along with its contents, such as baggage, jewelry, and valuables, domestic appliances like Music Systems, TV, PC etc. They also provide coverage of accidental injury which causes death or disability and liability to the third party.

United India Personal Accident Plans

Personal accidents can take place anytime or anywhere. Within seconds, it may cause huge damage to your finances as aftereffects of accidents are worse. In that case, you shouldn’t stretch your savings. Buy United India Personal Accident Policy to get your life back on track. In United India personal accident policy, it provides full coverage to protect your family from financial loss.

United India Mediclaim Policy – Expenses born by the insurance for illnesses/diseases, hospitalization, or injuries are covered. The benefit of domiciliary hospitalization is also payable in this policy.

United India Road Safety Package – The policy provides insurance against unexpected events which result in total or partial dismemberment or death. In United India Road Safety Plan, dismemberment includes total loss of both eyes or limbs, total loss of one eye and one limb, total loss of one eye or one limb, along with other partial or total permanent disablement which was directly related to the accident during the period of the policy.

Uni Medicare Policy – The policy provides coverage of reimbursement of hospitalization due to disease/illness or injury covered. The Uni Medicare scheme also enables for a family discount in cumulative bonus, premium, and cost of checkup.

United India Personal Accident Policy – It covers physical loss to a person because of accident injury, such as fatal injuries. Any group of people or individual can be insured from 5 to 70 years through institution or employer association.

United India Insurance – Business Plans

  • Burglary insurance policy
  • Shopkeepers insurance policy
  • Jewelers Block insurance
  • Money in Transit insurance policy
  • Dukan Mithra insurance policy
  • Compact insurance policy

United India Insurance – Micro Insurance Plans

  • Biogas Plant Insurance Plan
  • Animal Driven Cart Insurance plan
  • Dairy Package Plan
  • Floriculture Insurance
  • Farmers Package Policy
  • Hut Insurance
  • Honey Bee insurance
  • Raja Rajeshwari Mahila Kalyan Yojana
  • Kisan Credit Card
  • Rural Accident Policy

United India Insurance – Rural Plans

  • Agricultural Pumpset Policy
  • Livestock & Cattle Policy
  • Gramin Accident Policy
  • Poultry Insurance Policy
  • Animal Driver Cart or Tonga Policy
  • Plantation Insurance

United India Insurance – Liability Insurance Plans

  • Product Liability Policy
  • Motor Liability Policy
  • Professional Indemnity Policy
  • Workmen Compensation Insurance
  • Public Liability Policy

United India Insurance – Social Policies

  • Bhagyashree Policy
  • Janatha Personal Accident Policy
  • Mother Teresa Children & Women Policy
  • Raja Rajeshwari Policy
  • Jan Arogya Bima Policy

United India Insurance – Marine Insurance

  • Marine Cargo
  • Marine Hull

United India Insurance –Fire Insurance Policy

  • Student Fire & Special Perils
  • Fire Loss of Profit

United India Insurance – Industrial Plans

  • Contractors Plant & Machinery Policy
  • Boiler & Pressure Plant Policy
  • Deterioration of Stock
  • Industrial All Risk Policy
  • Electronic Equipment Policy
  • Machinery Breakdown

United India Insurance – Other Policies offered by the company

  • Baggage Policy
  • All Risk Policy
  • Compact Policy
  • Bankers Indemnity Policy
  • Officers or Directors Policy
  • Film Production Policy
  • Fidelity Guarantee Policy
  • Lift Insurance Policy
  • Gun Insurance Policy
  • Money Insurance Policy
  • Marga Bandhu Insurance
  • Plate Glass Policy
  • Money Insurance Policy
  • Shop Keepers Insurance
  • TV Insurance Policy
  • Students Safety Policy
  • Uni-Study Care Policy

It is recommended to compare all the plans of United India Insurance Company at United India Insurance portal or general insurance with the plans from various general insurance companies to pick the best plan that can match your needs.

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