Oriental Insurance Policy Reviews, Premium & Comparison

Oriental Insurance Company is one of the reputed names when it comes to finding the right kind of health insurance for yourself. It was founded in September 1947 and since then it has been assisting the people in enjoying a secure life. The company is said to have a team of highly skilled professionals who not only help the clients in choosing the right plan but offer them complete assistance. This is the reason that they are able to satisfy the clients and bring a smile on their faces. Their strength lies in providing the best to their customers and delivering excellent solutions to meet their requirements.

Oriental has more than 31 regional offices with 1800+ offices operating in various cities. It covers a wide range of products to accomplish the needs of the different users. So if you too are looking forward to getting associated with the oriental insurance company, you have come to the right place. Here we will talk about the different kinds of the oriental insurance plans that are available, how to get them and the benefits of each of them. So let us get started.

Oriental insurance plans

In the comparison of united india insurance, Oriental Insurance Company offers a vast array of oriental insurance plans that not only goes with your requirements but the budget as well. So accordingly you can see which plan is best suited and will fulfill the purpose. Some of the options open before you are-

  1. Motor Insurance Policy

The very first kind of policy available for the people is the motor insurance. There are times when your vehicle may get damaged or stolen due to which you need to suffer from huge loses. But in case you have a policy for your vehicle, you are stress-free as all the expenses will be managed by the company itself. So you are not only tension-free but there is no burden of the money as well. This is the reason that it is important to have a motor policy for all the vehicles in your home.

The policy includes both the two-wheeler as well as the four-wheeler.

  • Two-wheeler – This kind of policy is meant for all types of two-wheelers for different brands. It covers accidents caused by the third party, your own driver and the damaged incurred to the vehicle. In case of burglary and theft to you can get compensation for the same. If the loss has occurred due to natural calamities like flood, earthquakes etc then too you are liable for the compensation. Other factors include accident caused due to fire, lightning, waterway, external means and lots more. Usually, the policy is valid for one year but there are other short-term policies as well as different coverage amount. It will be good if you have a look at the options and decide the best of all.
  • Four wheeler – The policy is almost similar to the two-wheeler one but with a little difference that it will be valid for cars, trucks and other four wheeler only. Before availing the policy you must read the terms and conditions carefully. If you do not understand any clause you must make it clear and then move ahead. Only then you will be able to make the most out of your policy and enjoy its benefits.

  1. Personal Accident Policy

Then you have the personal accident policy wherein all kinds of injuries are covered. No matter how safe you drive, you might get injured and lose your life. In this case, you require money to pay the medical bills so that you get well soon and do not suffer from any kind of problem. This is when the personal accident policy will prove useful as it covers a number of aspects. The amount of money insured varies so you need to be aware of the same. In case the person dies the claim may differ depending upon the conditions of the policy. Thus you can say that the oriental insurance policy is definitely an ideal way to combat all the issues.

  1. Janata Personal Accident Policy

This policy is valid for the people of age group 10-80 years. One of the biggest advantages of this policy is the high amount of money that gets insured depending on the situation. Also, the premium amount is quite less which definitely is another plus point. If you wish to avail this policy to look into the different aspects and then decide whether it is worth availing or not.

  1. Shopkeeper Policy

Most of the shopkeepers feel that they do not need a policy but this is very wrong. Just like other businesses even your shop can be at risk or prone to accidents, damage, theft cases etc. So to cope with the same you need to have a backup so that things can be brought back to the track. This shopkeeper policy can bring a lot of relief and help you to manage the damages. No matter whether your shop is big or small, you can get this policy and enjoy the numerous advantages. The type of insurances includes damage caused due to fire, housebreaking, personal accident, electrical appliance breakdown and much more. You can get in touch with professionals of the oriental insurance company ltd for more assistance and better solutions.

  1. Householder Policy

This is yet another important policy introduced by the oriental insurance company limited. It not only covers the building but other contents as well. That is why it is surely a good policy to avail if you wish to be secure in every form. In today’s time you cannot predict what will happen in the next minute so to keep everything safe and secure you need a decent solution. This policy is definitely the ultimate solution to all your needs. A number of aspects are covered under householder policy like fire, housebreaking, domestic appliance fault etc. For each of them, you get a different coverage depending on the clauses. So always remember to satisfy yourself with the conditions before you decide to buy the policy.

  1. Nagarik Suraksha Policy

As the name indicates this policy is meant for the people and covers all types of insurances including the reimbursement of the medical bills, coverage of the partial disablement, compensation for the full disablement etc. War risk, nuclear risk, and confiscation is also a part of this policy. Some of the benefits that you will be able to enjoy are a cumulative bonus, funeral charges, education fund, loss of employment etc. In all, you can say that it is a worth buying policy to have a safe future.

  1. Health Insurance Policy

Then you have the oriental health insurance policy which too is highly beneficial and comes with a number of perks. It covers a variety of aspects like health products, network hospitals, empaneled TPA, hospital empanelment and online products. Based on the requirements, one can have a look at the different policies, benefits offered by them and compare each of them to take the best possible decision. These kinds of policies are introduced to provide complete health compensation so that your loved ones are always healthy. Though there are certain terms and conditions associated with it you need to make yourself familiar and go for it.

  1. Other Plans

Though most of the plans are introduced keeping in mind the needs of the general people, however, there are customized plans available as well. If you feel that none of the policies are able to furnish your requirements then you can certainly go for the customized solutions present for different categories like agriculture, personal accident, professionals, marine, aviation, engineering and lots more. You just have to get in touch with the team and they will try to assist you in the best possible way. Talented and experienced professionals are hired through special oriental insurance recruitment process. Thus you can look to a hassle-free experience of getting the top notch services.

Create your account

Before you get started you need to have an account. For this, you will have to provide all the personal information and create your own account. Once this is done you will be able to use the oriental insurance login option to enter your account, check for updates, renew the policy, buy it and lots more. If you want to check the status of your application, you can do so using your login id. Even if there are any pending proposals you will have the information available in your account.

Thus once you have an account, things will be easy for you.

How to get the policy?

Getting any of the above policies is quite simple. It is divided into four simple steps which you need to complete. Once you have done the same you can buy the policy and enjoy the benefits. Here is the process to buy the oriental insurance online.

  • Insurance details – This is the first step wherein you need to provide the details of the insurance. Like if you wish to buy a motor insurance policy you will have to provide the vehicle number, date of purchase, the city from where you purchased it, type of vehicle and lots more. This is the basic information about the type of insurance you wish to purchase. For every category, the details asked will be different. So carefully provide all the information correctly.
  • Premium calculator – In the next step, you will get all the details regarding your premium as how it is calculated and how much you will have to pay. Apart from this, there will be details about the insurance itself thus giving you all the details which are necessary.
  • Personal details – In the third step you need to enter the personal details asked for your name, address, contact number etc. Complete this step and move to the last one.
  • Make payment – Once all the three steps are done you need to make the payment and confirm the policy. Payment can be done through debit cards, credit cards, net banking etc as per your suitability. Once the payment is received you are done with the process. The confirmation is sent to your contact number as well as the email address too. A hard copy will also be sent to the address that you have provided.

In this way, you will be able to get started and get things done online itself. There is no need to visit the office for the same and waste your time.

How to renew your policy?

If your policy is about to expire or has already expired then you need to get it renewed as soon as possible. For this too there is a different section from where you can easily be achieved the purpose. Now there are two options to choose from, either the policy has expired or is about to. Choose one of oriental insurance renewal options and provide the existing policy number for the further process. Now click on the button “renew now” and you will be able to get it renewed in no time. Thus you can say that the oriental insurance online renewal is pretty easy and can be done in a single click. You just have to enter the details asked and you are done.

Claim your policy

If you wish to go for oriental insurance mediclaim policy, you will have to get in touch with the professionals as they will guide you through the process. Based on that you can submit all the necessary documents and get your claim.

This was all about the different kinds of policies that are offered by the oriental insurance company. If you have any queries or doubt you are most welcome. The customer care team will sort your queries and satisfy you completely. You can give a call or write an email regarding your problem and the team will get back to you with the solution. You will definitely love the experience as professionals are friendly and will try to resolve all your problems. Did you read our previous article on United India Insurance? if not go & have a look.

So what are you waiting for, just buy your policy today?


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